Mr. Ch.Vijay Kumar

Mr. Ch.Vijay Kumar is an Electronics Engineer graduated from Osmania University in 1986. In the past, he worked as a Director for Orbit Technologies and Swan Environmental for 9 years. Over the years he has acquired vast experience in handling solutions for Water Quality, Environmental, Industrial Hygiene and Safety. In the year 1994, he has taken over Swan Environmental, with a sales turnover of 36,000 USD and made it to 8,000,000 USD by the year 2010. Now he heads SWAN BIOTEC PVT LTD as a chairman.

Mr. G.Lokeshwar Rao

Mr. G.Lokeshwar Rao, joined Swan Environmental in the year 1997. He graduated as an Electronic Engineer, in the year 1996. With over 18 years of Experience he currently heads SWAN BIOTEC as a director.