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Automatic Model:
High throughput analysis of bacterial colonies or bacteriophage plaques in less than a second. The schuett colonyQuant is comprised of a CCD-Firewire camera (colour) with autozoom and autofocus, a light-proof sample chamber and the software for automated colony counting.

Differentiation by colour, size and shape to be combined at choice by the user. Additional features allow for separating overlapping colonies. Settings to be stored and retrieved via mouse-click for future analysis of similar type samples. The system is straightforward to use and the software is Windows® based. Results are presented as an image on your monitor or in a table exportable to Excel®.

The system has been designed for use with Petri dishes of 60 and 90 mm diameter. As a result of using a LED-array to illuminate the surface of the agar circular from the side a hereto unknown transparency and sharpness for detecting colonies can be observed.

Manual Model:
Colony Counting pen electronic colony counter - 4- figure digital display, sound alarm for end of count and reset button - for use with "Petri-Light" and "Mini Light Box" viewers
Automatic Model:
• Software for selection according to colour, size and shape
• Light-proof sample chamber with camera (colour), Live-image and circular LED-illumination
• Image acquisition and simultaneous evaluation within seconds
• Tables and images may be stored digitally, results for each counted colony reviewable
• Agar plates, nutrient disks, plaque assays, Inhibition zone analysis, Spiral plating
• Mixed cultures, separates up to 8 colours simultaneously
• Sectorial evaluation, 90% option

Manual Model:
• For colony counting
• Plexiglas rest surface with cm graduation scale
• Cold-light indirect fluorescent lighting
• Magnifying glass adjustable for correct positioning
• Adapters for 60, 90, 100 and 120 mm diameter Petri dishes
• Complete with switch, Electrical cable and plug

• Total number of colonies, Enterobacteria, nutrient disks and filter disks, chromogenic agar, high number of colonies (up to approx. 1.000 per Petri dish), bacteriophage plaque assay, inhibition zones and dark agar.
• Fluids contamination
• GFP Colonies
• Microbiology studies
• Antibotic testing
• Hygiene studies

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