In meteorology the precision of measurement data is critical for accurate weather forecasting and climate research. ROTRONIC humidity and temperature probes have an excellent reputation for providing precise results even in the most demanding of environments, especially where high humidity and low temperatures prevail. Our product range offers high performance and a wide range of configurations to suit every application. Even the best probes measure inaccurately if the conditions at the probe are not representative of the actual climatic conditions. Without an appropriate weather protection shield, the probe temperature will not be correct, and since relative humidity is temperature dependent, there will be signifi cant measurement errors. Poorly ventilated weather protection shields can result in a micro-climate around the probes causing consequential measurement errors. Ventilated protection shields are therefore used in applications which require a high level of accuracy. High accuracy measurements are more important when it comes to HVAC energy optimization. The more accurate the measurements, the smaller the control errors and the greater the energy savings.

ROTRONIC meteorology probes in combination with ventilated weather and radiation protection shields provide the best possible measurement results. They can offer practically the same performance as that achieved by a dew point mirror meteorological system as used by various national meteorological organizations at a significantly lower price.

The weather protection shields were developed in close co-operation with MeteoSwiss and are utilized worldwide. Tests conducted together with Meteo-Swiss clearly demonstrated the unmatched accuracy obtained by the combination of ROTRONIC probes and ventilated weather protection!

  • Meteorology stations
  • Building automation systems
  • Agricultural meteorology
  • Weather stations
  • Snow & ice warning systems
  • Snowmaking systems
  • Snow guns
  • Status monitoring of roads, bridges and airports,
  • Research in very remote areas
  • Building management systems.
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