Probes for Relative Humidity
When it comes to measuring humidity with the highest accuracy, the HygroClip2 probe is in a class of its own. Thanks to the new AirChip, it also boasts a unique calibration and adjustment process as well as many other innovations. At the same time ROTRONIC has also improved the sensor technology, taking humidity measurement to a whole new level of performance and reliability: the HygroClip2 probe offers the best possible reproducibility and guaranteed system accuracy of ±0.8 %RH and ±0.1 K.

Probes in the HygroClip2 series come in various versions: from a simple plug-in probe for handheld instruments and data loggers to highly developed cable probes for high temperature and other special applications, we can provide you with exactly the right probe to suit your needs. Common to all is their high precision, which can be increased further by specifi c adjustments within our patented AirChip, making every probe in our range a high-end product for normal a nd industrial applications.

Probes for Temperature
  • All Pt100 probes are Class A sensors 4-wire with a 4-pin Binder connector plug.
  • Steckertyp: Binder 4-pol Stecker.
  • Tou90: Response time to reach 90 % of an actual temperature change (air/water) with an air fl ow velocity of 2 m/s
  • Overview
    • Measures relative humidity and temperature and calculates the d ew/frost point
    • Range of application 0…100 %RH / -100...200 °C (probe dependent )
    • UART interface
    • IP protection: IP65
    • For the pharmaceutical industry, building management systems, HVAC monitoring and control, the paper industry, research and many others.
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