Luminultra 2nd generation ATP test kits developed for rapid determination of microbial population of almost all fluid samples from drinking water to industrial process water, chemical products and waste water.ATP Bioluminescence assay is the best solution to overcome the traditional method problems. Because of its speed and specificity to biological activity, ATP measurement can play a key role in defending against failing drinking water quality, including those encountered during routine operation.
• It is fast – results are available in a matter of minutes rather than days
• It is complete – since ATP is present in all cells, it provides a direct indication of the total microbial population.
• It is portable – the test can be performed reliably in the field, thereby eliminating sample transportation and processing times, providing on-the-spot results for real-time troubleshooting.
• Immediate investigation to solve the incursions to save time costs and reduce risk
• To release the production immediate without wait for seven days culture test result

It is the first line of defense in identifying threats, after which follow-up testing to identify problematic species can be undertaken. This is a tremendous advantage which allows operators to take immediate action to solve microbiological build-ups or incursions to save time, costs and reduce risks and you need not to wait for traditional seven days results to release the batch of bottles after getting fast and immediate results from ATP method.
• First line of defense for microbiological threats control in all type fluids like drinking water/waste water,Upstream oil and gas,metal working fluids,chemicals,personal care products.
• Measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), obtain a complete and fully-quantitative measure of total microbial content in less than 5 minutes.
• It measures true total bioburden.
• Second generation ATp allows to be applied to essential any application where microbial growth is of concern.
• Luminultra technology is rapid,accurate,complete,quantitative and reliable.
• Real time feedback increases productivity and profitability.

• Measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to obtain a complete microbial quantitative measurement.
• True and rapid measurement of total living organisms
• First line of defense for microbiological thretats control in all type of fluids like potable / raw water / purified water measurement
• Prominent tool to identify the source of bio burden in purified water
• Validation of water distribution points
• Second generation ATP allows to be appiled to essential any application where microbial growth is of concern
• Real time microbial monitoring leads to more productivity/profitability

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