Head Space Oxygen Analyzer (Modified Atmospheric Pressure-MAP)


  • Headspace oxygen analysis in vials/bottles/sealed containers
  • Testing the quality of Nitrogen air cylinders/ Generators
  • Easily transported and used at remote locations such as the packaging line
  • Suitable for continuous operation in routine QC/QA testing
    • LABORATORY OR PRODUCTION LINE : The Model 905V is a rugged benchtop unit housed in a heavy-duty metal enclosure, well suited for continuous use in routine QC testing in the laboratory. With built-in battery operation (optional) in addition to the AC mode, this unit can be easily transported and used at remote locations such as the packaging line.
    • ABOUT THE SENSOR : The Model 905V sensor is designed specifically for this purpose. The oxygen sensor internal chamber has a very small volume of about 0.1 cc. The sensor is located directly behind the front panel to eliminate excessive volume. The sensor has in /out ports with a 0.03 in. ID. The vent port of the sensor connects to a short piece of narrow-bore tubing for sample exhaust and introduction of zero or calibration gases.
    • CALIBRATION SIMPLICITY : The oxygen sensor output is very linear through the entire range of measurement. This allows for a single point calibration to be performed anywhere in the measurement range. Span calibration is accurately done by testing room air, which should give a reading of 20.9% oxygen. Calibration standards can also be used if required by in-house test procedures.
    • DESIGN RELIABILITY: Microprocessor based electronics are used for sensor signal processing, battery charging and on/off control to provide high accuracy and reliability. The heavy duty, proprietary oxygen sensor is designed to provide many years of service, is totally sealed and requires no maintenance. The sensor output is compensated for ambient temperature variations.
    • ABOUT THE OPTIONAL BATTERY : With its low power requirement, the Model 905V can be operated with an optional battery for those applications where AC power is not readily available, or for convenience if spot checking samples at different locations. A totally sealed, long-life internal 12 Vdc gel battery accepts a full or partial charging cycle and will operate the unit for up to 8 hours. The charger module plugs into a standard 110-240V outlet for charging or continuous operation. Alternatively, the unit can be powered from an external 12-24 Vdc source.
    • The DualTrak is used for measurement of many types of modified atmosphere (MAP), or "gas-flushed" packaged foods such as meats, snack foods, fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits, dairy products and ready-to-eat packaged foods including salads.

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