Walk in Chamber with Bio decontamination

The Bioquell WIC-1 is designed to enable material loads and equipment to enter or exit controlled areas easily. The Bioquell WIC-1 chamber integrates all the essential processes into an efficient and safe system for transfers, including high-level disinfection using Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination. The Bioquell WIC-1 incorporates an integrated HPV generator, allowing for rapid and efficient bio-decontamination cycles. Typically vented through a building HVAC system, with an optional aeration system available for even quicker cycle times. Complete kill to 6-log microbial reduction standards can be achieved, easily verified using biological or chemical indicators – also available from Bioquell.
The Bioquell WIC-1 is ideal for use in GMP regulated, or non-regulated areas including biomedical facilities and biosafety/biosecurity facilities.

  • Walk-in chamber with built-in hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination system
  • Ideal for controlled zone-to-zone transfer with floor level loading/unloading
  • Easy to operate, providing fast and reliable bio-decontamination cycles
  • A unique floor level loading/unloading system provides for easy and safe material handling. Selectable interlock priority points are available for safe entry and exit.
  • Constructed in stainless steel 304 grade with phenolic resin doors as standard.
  • The entire chamber can be built on the existing floor structure minimising any construction preparation.
  • The Bioquell WIC-1 has been designed for optimum safety against accidental exposure to the bio-decontamination agent (HPV).
  • The built-in HPV generator provides an environment within the chamber, which is free of biological contaminants.
  • Bioquell’s prefilled high quality hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution offers excellent batch control and operator safety.
  • The chamber doors can be provided in either phenolic resin or stainless steel.
  • Recirculating catalytic aeration results in minimal exhaust of conditioned air, making the solution highly energy efficient.
  • GMP cleanrooms
  • Aseptic processing
  • Biologics
  • Biomedical
  • Biosafety/security

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