Biological Indicators, Chemical Indicators & Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Bioquell Room CI
Quickly see real-time efficacy of a Bioquell cycle with these easy to read 6 log10 chemical indicators. A chemical strip reacts to a Bioquell cycle and changes colors to indicate the efficacy of the cycle. The size of a business card, all indicators are manufactured by Bioquell, and for use in rooms and enclosed areas 10m3 and larger.

Bioquell Isolator CI
These rapid read 6 log10 chemical indicators are uniquely produced to work in enclosed areas smaller than 10m3. These indicators will be used in decontaminating equipment such as isolators, BSCs, and filling lines or small areas such as pass-throughs and MALs. Every user can quickly see the efficacy of a Bioquell cycle with these Isolator CIs.

Bioquell Biological Indicators
Produced by Bioquell, every biological indicator (BI) has been specifically designed for the Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor biodecontamination process. Each BI is inoculated with Geobacillus stearothermophilus endospores to provide assurance that a 6 log10 reduction of the bioburden is achieved on every biodecontamination cycle. For more information about our manufacturing process and standards, please contact us.

Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide (HPV-AQ)
Bioquell HPV-AQ is a high quality, high purity aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution designed for use with Bioquell technology. The peroxide has only one active ingredient and meets regulatory standards around the world. For enhanced safety and traceability, when used with specific Bioquell bottles, the peroxide can be tracked through the use of RFID tags, ensuring only approved peroxide is used.

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