Surface/Liquid Hygiene Monitoring Device (ATP+AMP Technology)

  • ATP bioluminescence provides a simple rapid test method for monitoring cleanliness, hygiene and risk and acts first step to HACCP
  • ATP bio luminescence is one of the quickest and most useful methods of finding and tracking the source of bacteria that can contaminate food
  • ATP test useful for rapidly determining if the food preparation and processing environment is clean or not.
  • Our patented technology detects not only ATP but also AMR The compound AMP is derived from ATP upon processing viz., heat treatment, fermentation etc.
  • The advantages of the ATP+AMP method are: quick, highly sensitive, simple to use, cheap to use improvements in product quality and shelf life.
  • ATP+AMP is an excellent tool to take preventive action so that you mitigate risk at a very early stage.
  • Hygiene monitoring (hand hygiene and instrument hygiene)
  • Assess the cleanliness of food preparation and processing environment
  • Rapid check for cleanliness of food contact places.
  • Testing liquids such as final rinses from Clean in Place systems
  • Cleanliness of surface of equipment used in food manufacturing
  • Critical control point validation (HACCP)
  • Assessing the bacteriological quality of foods.

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