Online TOC Analyzer

State-of-the-Art Technology in the Smallest Casing

  • Demands for highly purified water and its quality control are getting stronger in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical device, food/beverage, chemical, precision machinery, and semiconductor.
  • Shimadzu's eTOC has been designed to satisfy this demand.
  • It has very high sensitivity and low detection limits, reaching 0.1 µg/L, making it perfectly suitable for ultra-pure water measurement.
  • Technology, Usability and Reliability: the defining attributes of the ultra-small, high-value eTOC.
  • World’s first technology in the world’s smallest and lightest casing. (According to August 2020 Shimadzu survey of TOC analyzers with a multicolor display screen)

      World-first TOC analyzer using mercury-free excimer lamp (According to August 2020 Shimadzu survey)

      • Excimer lamps emit high-energy 172 nm wavelength light by inducing a dielectric barrier discharge within a xenon gas. The eTOC is the first TOC analyzer in the world to use a mercury-free excimer lamp.
      • The eTOC also features new “Active-Path” technology for transferring energy from the lamp to the sample. It efficiently irradiates the sample inside the lamp with ultraviolet light to reliably oxidize organic matter.
      • This new Shimadzu technology achieves both high measurement performance and high environmental performance.

      Large indicator and display screen on a small cabinet

      • A smart user interface and the large touch-panel screen provide exceptional visibility and operability.
      • The indicator clearly shows the analyzer's status, such as standby, measurement in progress, or active warning.
      • There is no need to squint at a small monochrome screen or go to a separately located monitor or controller to confirm data and perform operations.

      Small, lightweight casing provides installation flexibility

      • The small and lightweight eTOC can be installed on a tabletop or mounted to a wall or pole using an optional bracket kit.
      • In either case, a sampler can be attached to the side to calibrate the analyzer onsite.
      • That offers the flexibility to choose the most convenient location for installation.

      Onsite calibration/validation using a vial sampler

      • Conditioned standard solutions are also available.
      • Using an optional vial sampler, the analyzer can be calibrated or validated at the operating site.
      • The sampler can hold four standard solutions for creating up to four-point calibration curves.
      • Conditioned standard solutions, which are suitable for calibration, validation, or system suitability test, are also available.
      • The sampler and the conditioned solutions can make calibration and validation easier and more reliable.

      Export data in an easily readable/usable format

      • The eTOC can output data to a USB flash drive in text (CSV) or PDF format.

      View/Acquire data from a web browser through the network

      • By connecting eTOCs to a network, you can check results remotely from the web browser of a PC or tablet. No special software is required. Data can also be downloaded as a file.
      • Even if there are multiple analyzers in different locations, routine checking can be carried out from one place.

      Measurement reliability supports regulatory compliance requirements

      • The UV oxidation-conductivity method enables highly sensitive measurements with a simple analyzer design.
      • The system achieves high sensitivity with a detection limit of 0.1 µg/L,, which is suitable for ultra-pure water quality control.
      • It is also compliant with the pharmacopoeia requirements of various countries, such as the USP and EP.

      Stable and Accurate Data Measurement

      • Security functionality for supporting data management
      • User authentication and access rights control
      • Operation/Event log
      • Integrated data management
    • To check the water purity in Pharmaceutical, Power, Manufacturing Industries etc.

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