Microbial Identification

Gen III - Bacteria, Yeast and Fungi Identification:The Biolog Microbial ID System can rapidly identify over 2,500 species of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts and fungi. These easy to use systems provide reference laboratory quality identifications.

Biolog's powerful carbon source utilization technology accurately identi?es environmental and pathogenic microorganisms by producing a characteristic pattern or "metabolic ?ngerprint" from discrete test reactions performed within a 96 well microplate. Culture suspensions are tested with a panel of pre-selected assays, then incubated, read and compared to extensive databases of environmental organisms, human pathogens, veterinary pathogens and plant pathogens.
The one-minute-per-sample set up is much simpler and faster than DNA sequencing and the automated pattern matching eliminates the need for training and expertise in gene sequence interpretation.

GEN III MicroPlate for microbial identification:

  • NO Gram stain
  • NO pre-tests
  • NO follow-on tests
  • ONE panel for both GN & GP bacteria
  • ONE minute set-up
  • OVER 1350 species coverage

  • Biolog's latest generation redox chemistry enables testing and identification of aerobic Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria in the same test panel. Gram stain and other pre-tests are no longer needed. The expanded GEN Ill database is designed to meet the needs of Biolog's broad customer base covering diverse disciplines of microbiology.
    All Biolog Microbial Identification Systems — manual, semi-automated or fully-automated — use the powerful new GEN III MicroPlate, allowing users to determine the most appropriate system to fit their current budget and level of throughput.

    Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells:

    Phenotype MicroArray Technology is now available for applications with nearly all important species of bacteria and fungi. Simple protocols are available for testing nearly 2000 cellular phenotypes simultaneously.

    • Industrial QC
    • Reference Labs
    • Environment Studies
    • Veterinary
    • Research & Education
    • Microbial Ecology
    • Agriculture
    • Food & water

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