Microbial Air Sampler for Compressed Air / Nitrogen

Test microbiological quality of compressed air/gas used in cleanrooms. To be used with ASPIGAS chamber, TRIO.BAS or AIRBIO instruments

  • The TRIO.GAS guarantees that product contact air is contamination free within sterile or aseptic manufacturing facilities (e.g. cleanroom).
  • Fully compliant according to ISO 8537-7 and EN/ISO 14698-1 FDA
  • Before passing through a TRIO.BAS air sampler, the air flow from the compressed supply is regulated by an autoclavable valve.
  • All the sampling data are transferred via Bluetooth (if using a TRIO.BAS air sampler) to a tablet/smartphone or via Bluetooth to PC by downloaded dedicated software according to GMP and GLP.
  • When TRIO.GAS is used in combination with a TRIO.BAS air sampler, the time is regulated by the software of the air sampler.
  • When TRIO.GAS is used in combination with ASPI Gas Chamber, the test is manual and the time is regulated by a timer counter.
  • Made in AISI 316 rated stainless steel
  • Totally sterilizable via autoclave with no disassembly required
  • Volume of aspirated air: 100 litres/min
  • The aspirating chamber is suitable for 90 mm Petri dishes or 55 mm Contact plates
  • It works with ASPI GAS CHAMBER or an air sampler 100 l/m
  • Suitable for compressed air and Nitrogen
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Cleanrooms
  • Biotechnology Industries
  • Fermentation Industries
  • Food / Beverage and Dairy industries
  • Cosmetics Industries etc.

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