Rapid Simultaneous Total Coliform And E.Coli Systems Detection In Water

  • Colitag is USEPA approved presence/absence and MPN enzyme substrate test
  • Distinctive color change clearly indicates presence/absence
  • Provides 16-48 hour total coliform & E.coli determinations
  • Detects 1 MPN of total coliform or E.coli bacteria per 100mL water sample.
  • Detects both MUG-negative and MUG-positive E.coli in one test.
  • Includes built-in ability to detect E.coli using the reliable indole test.
  • Tests using the iMPN plate - 1600
  • Offers a high degree of sensitivity, with a detection limit ranging from one to 1,600 MPN per 100mL sample.
  • The device is stand-alone and no other equipment is ever needed to perform the test.
  • The entire procedure involves only a few steps • Can be done in less than one minute per sample.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Drinking Water
  • Cooking Water
  • Lake Water
  • Pond Water

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