Modular aseptic processing solution in convenient configurations to meet your workflow Air cleanliness ISO 5 and Grade A working environment with integrated Bioquell HPV 6-log bio-decontamination for peace of mind Fast cycles and quick turnaround between tests - get more from your day.

The Bioquell QUBE is a modular aseptic working system consisting of a series of major components :
  • QUBE HPV Module (QHPV) (M1)
  • QUBE Extension Module (QEXT) (M9)
  • QUBE Connecting Interface Modules (Open Connection or Sealed Door) (M11)
  • QUBE Material Transfer Device (QMTD - Right or Left Side) (M2 or M3)

  • Undertake aseptic processing in a Bioquell QUBE, a cost-effective modular aseptic workstation system with built- in rapid bio-decontamination. The combination of uni-directional airflow, an ISO 5 and Grade A working environment and hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) rapid bio-decontamination ensures the Bioquell QUBE is suitable for applications such as pharmacy compounding, sterility testing, and many others. Performance is assured by using Bioquell approved hydrogen peroxide solution. The Bioquell QUBE modules allow a variety of configurations that tailor the workspace to the needs of the specific process.

  • Fully validated sterility test unit with built-in biodecontamination system
  • Ergonomically designed using latest manufacturing techniques,Rapid sporocidal bio-decontamination process with high level validated 6-log sporocidal reduction
  • Intelligent modular design provides users flexibility in selecting the suitable configuration for their process
  • Air cleanliness ISO5 and grade A working environment with integrated bioquell HPV 6-log biodecontamination Integrated environmental monitoring for total viable and non-viable practical monitoring.
  • Bioquell QUBE with extension module and materials transfer device, ideal for phamaceutical compounding
  • Overview
    • A modern ISO 5 Grade A chamber with uni-directional air flow that includes a high definition colour touch panel with intuitive icon driven interface, glove ports with safe change gloves, RFID enabled hydrogen peroxide filling and pneumatic seals with pressure monitoring for repeatable chamber integrity.

    • Chamber pressure can be controlled from +100pa to -100 pa and there is a built-in aeration capability with every module for fast decontamination cycles. The system has been engineered to keep noise levels low and a 316 Grade stainless steel level floor has been provided throughout the system along with an integral thermal paper printer to keep a record of the bio-decontamination cycle and key GMP parameters.

    • Ergonomically designed, the Bioquell QUBE provides an integrated footrest and foot switches for door activation.It uses novel plastics technology to enable excellent 'cleanability'.
    • Sterility Test
    • Hospital Pharmacy
    • Life Sciences research
    • Clinical trails
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