Sterility Test Isolator

The Bioquell Qube is a configurable isolator integrated with Bioquell’s Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour technology. From its unique design to rapid cycle times, the Bioquell Qube ensures your aseptic workspace needs are met for a safe and productive working environment.

Ideal for:

  • Sterility Testing
  • Gene & Cell Therapy
  • Small Batch Production
  • Compounding
  • Cytotoxic Preparation
  • Rapid: Decontamination cycles in as little as 20 minutes; set-up from order to completed installation and validation in as few as 12 weeks
  • Adaptable: Up to three chambers (two gloves per chamber) and two material transfer areas to meet your workflow needs; positive and negative pressure capabilities
  • Assured: Customised validated cycles providing ISO 5/EU Grade A environment; GMP compliance; 21-CFR Part 11 software available
  • Efficient: Four levels of environmental monitoring for your viable and nonviable particle needs; ability to incorporate the Merck Millipore Sigma Symbio Flex Sterility Pump; other distinctive options to keep you working efficiently
  • Integrated: Built-in Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology for repeatable decontamination results; easy-to-use touch-screen; no HVAC connection required
  • Productive: Decontamination of materials in the main chamber whilst you work in another; aseptic-hold retention for typically seven days depending on your protocols
    The Bioquell Qube offers diverse applications and options ranging from one to three chambers with up to two optional exterior/material transfers.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Compounding: Stringent manufacturing and compounding conditions call for leading biodecontamination solutions. Whether operated by your staff members or one of our expert onsite technicians, our fixed and portable Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour biodecontamination systems eliminate your airborne and surface contaminants in pass-throughs, airlocks and other areas for total working efficacy.
  • Biotechnology & Drug Development: The strict and continual application of aseptic processing, environmental controls and monitoring are key to the approval and success of your final drug or product as a leading solution. With Bioquell’s automated, validated biodecontamination, you have confidence in your bioburden elimination of your workspace and enhancements for sterility testing.
  • Gene & Cell Therapy: The risk and financial impact of microbial contamination is exceptionally high during the cell-production procedure, making aseptic conditions essential to the handling of cell samples. Performing as many steps as possible under isolation and following effective disinfection is the safest method. Our flexible biodecontamination solutions allow you to maintain a secure, contaminant-free environment so you can develop and advance leading therapies and treatments.
  • The Bioquell Qube for Sterility Testing: Globally accepted with hundreds of chambers currently installed and in use with world leaders in biopharmaceutical, laboratory research and biotechnology, the Bioquell Qube delivers unparalleled efficiency, reliability and ease of implementation to your aseptic environment.
  • The Bioquell Qube for Cell Therapy: The Bioquell Qube offers a rapid and reliable aseptic environment that can be used in various stages of cell and gene therapy manipulation. See some examples of the Bioquell Qube's impact here.

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