Bio Waste Decontamination System

  • Treat upto 9 gallons per day
  • Stop autoclaving liquids, using bleach or paying for off-site treatment
  • Possibility to retrofit an under an underbench version to existing sinks
  • Fully automated, the system controls all stages of the decontamination process, from effluent collection to release. All critical information is recorded on a memory stick and easily transferred to your computer
  • Compact layout
  • Standard size to fit in workbenches or under benches if connected to existing sinks
  • This plug-and-play system requires no servicing. No need for steam, condensate return or chilled water
  • Electric power is the only utility required
  • Tested in our facility before shipment, it will be fully operational as soon as plugged
  • Low cost standard system
  • Available and in stock
  • Fast track delivery
  • Reduced commissioning time
  • Short validation time for a faster time-to-market
  • Industry smallest footprint, ideal for retrofit or expansion projects
  • Operation costs up to ten times lower than other existing systems
  • Pre-engineered solutions
  • Design capabilities to manufacture custom designed equipment for specific URS
  • Compliant with American and European standards
  • Compliant with the highest containment requirements (BSL-3/BSL-4)
  • Electrically (Actijoule® patented technology) or steam operated units
  • PLC-controlled operation
  • Modular concept assembled and tested at our facilities
  • Available 10-year Performance Warranty

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